Capsule builds fun and functional interfaces.

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Capsule is a small design & engineering studio focused on user interfaces. We collaborate with brands, startups, and artists to make great products.

Book us from month to month, for just a website, for a whole year, or for a phone call. With Unlimited Revisions™, you'll always be happy. Say goodbye when we're done.



  • Art
  • Design
  • Ghost
  • Hotwire
  • Branding
  • Front End
  • Copywriting
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Mobile Design
  • Product Design
  • Design Systems
  • CSS refactoring
  • iOS Development
  • Ruby Maintenance

Yes we offer all of these services.

Hi! I'm Karl!

The operator and proprietor of Capsule. The so called Unicorn that can do it all. I honestly would love to do less of "it all". That's why I focus on the Art & Design of interfaces. Making you look cool by making all your stuff look cool.

Let's talk about your project


We only work with a few clients at a time, we sell our services as *unlimited scopeless, monthly subscriptions. Or you can purchase a Rocket and get one great project shipped.

Booked until September

Capsule Pro


Art & Design + Web + Ruby + iOS

  • Branding + Website
  • Dedicated Design/Dev Unicorn
  • Ruby & Rails Application Dev
  • iOS App development
  • Unlimited Revisions

To iterate and build your existing product, startup, or agency. and to engage with larger projects.


Discounts for independents and
other creatives.

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How long does a design take?

Like a month or less. It depends really, but there are clear stages: 1. Research, 2. Exploration, 3. Direction, 4. Iteration, 5. Development, 6. Revision. 7. Launch. Each stage takes about a week. Need it faster? We can do that, but then you get "faster website", and not, the best we can do.

On Unlimited Requests

Unlimited requests truly are unlimited, but you can only have one active request a time. This is to prevent situations where many tasks are almost done but never fully done. Alas, great art is never truly complete, only released. It's best to think that you're not really paying us for art, design, or websites. You're paying us to solve your problems, sometimes we use Art, Design, and websites to do that.

The Rocket

Our one-off A Website ROCKET service is a limited contract to design and develop a new web landing page and a post page. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the deliverables. The site is fast, and adapts to any screen size. Need a brand? That's included too.


We don't offer refunds. The time it takes to Research, Design, Revise, Build, and Launch websites would be too much to lose or waste. Our rates are very competitive to get started and moving quickly. We do offer the 2,000% happiness guarantee. If you're not absolutely happy with what you get, we won't quit, until you're happy.

Who's runnin' this joint?

This is a service by Karl Oscar Weber, A one man band, for now. Capsule has a single Angel Investor, Julian Cheal. The plan is to stay small and agile, and hire our besties so we can all work together.

Time & Attention

Time is our only true resource, and constraint. We seek to delivery the best stuff in a timely manner. To do that we iterate quickly and limit the number of clients we take on. We can only have 2-3 clients really. Never more. That translates to about 60 hours of Unicorn Design/Developer time.

Hosting Addons

Buy a Hosting package for $400/year. We'll maintain, upgrade and load balance your site for you. Uptime ensured.


We want you to be happy with our product, and will work tirelessly to ensure that it's up to your standards. Revisions are unlimited until you're satisfied. Easy.

Cancellation & Pause

You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time. If you cancel, you can't resubscribe at your past subscription level. If you pause your subscription, we'll contact you monthly to ask if you want to start back up again.

Discounts for Independents

We Really want to work with indies, newbies, other creative folks, designers, artists, silly people, just all the cool folx. The only way to do that without sacrificing quality is to give discounts. And we got em. Send an email to with your project ideas/aims, and your budget, and we'll work something out.

SPAM? Really?

The marketing people tell me that it's important to "own your audience", but owning people is wrong. So I suggested: "Maybe I can ask them permission to send them spam once a month" and they said that would be OK.

Get my newsletter, which will probably be filled with random art and design stuff that I love.

It's also the name of the podcast. This naming convention is very cool and not confusing.