What is Capsule.Graphics?

Hi friends.

I’m Karl. Capsule is my thing. For 13 years I’ve been making apps and websites for all sorts of folks and I love it. Oftentimes my work took me to focus on code, which is fine I guess. But damn I missed making things that looked good. I would spend nights and weekends designing my own websites, apps, and art, making things that would make me happy. I want to do more of that…

In January 2024 I was laid off like hundreds of Thousands of other tech folks. I immediately realized that we would need to raise money, and fast in order to keep our house, our car, and keep us fed. It’s me and my wife and our 4 little kids. That’s a bit stressful right? I was determined to work as hard as possible to find something that would sustain us and that couldn’t be lost or taken away because of the whims of an executive. We had to start a fundraiser to keep us going. And thankfully the community pitched in and helped to save our bacon.

It struck me as odd to ask for donations on social media without also supplying some art. So that’s what I started to do, make fake ads modeled after decades old Nike ones. Make stickers and art and post those as teasers. Make fun things for my friends hoping to find work. And It clicked for me. I don’t want to quit this promotional Art making thing. I wanna never stop it.

Capsule is a collaborative subscription studio. I make things for you as fast as I can, as best as I can. For a fixed monthly price. It’s simple.

Capsule is the project I want to work on for the next 40 years. I want to collaborate to make amazing art and design. Help folks with their online presence and websites. And make a ton of great stuff. I am incredibly, unabashedly excited about what the future holds and what I have the opportunity to make. Art, games, apps, boring but important stuff, open source software, flyers, product labels, Japanese canned coffee. I wanna make it all, as fast as I can, as much as I can.

So come along with me, on this brand new journey. Let’s create something new together.